PayPal now available!

Hello, Pack 76! In the interest of making it easier to pay for things like dues and events (because who hasn’t forgotten to bring their checkbook to meetings multiple times…?), we’ve set up a PayPal account for the Pack to accept payments. On the right, you should see two links that you can use for making payments: one is for your annual dues, and the second is a donate button that allows you to make a payment/donation of any amount (we’ll use this for different events that will have varying costs).

The dues payment option allows you to pay for any number of scouts that you might be responsible for. Unfortunately, PayPal is not free for us to use, so their small service charge (~3.0%) is added to your dues payment. When paying dues, there is no option to provide a note about whose dues you are paying, so please email to let us know which scout(s) you’ve paid for.

Unlike the dues payment button, the donate button only includes the PayPal service charge on the Pack end, so we’ll always appreciate if you choose to add it on to whatever payment you might be making! 🙂